Le comptoir de Tunis

Fancy a moment of relaxation while drinking a cocktail, beer or wine in the center of Tunis? The best address that will satisfy your desires is Le Comptoir de Tunis, a wine bar restaurant renowned for its Tunisian, French, Mediterranean and international cuisine.

Warm welcome, smiling staff, neat decoration, refined cuisine and impeccable service are the key words of this address known for its festive atmosphere and atypical evenings. And it is also thanks to all its assets that this restaurant-bar was able to obtain a certificate of excellence awarded by TripAdvisor as well as the ” Top Choice 2019 ” mention awarded by the professional Chinese tourist information site LianOrg .

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Located a few kilometers from the Medina of Tunis, the Comptoir de Tunis is today one of the bars and restaurants most frequented by Tunisians.

Both chic and relaxed, the Comptoir de Tunis organizes evenings for all tastes throughout the week: French party, karaoke, blues & jazz, disco, etc. This address also gives young artists and DJs the opportunity to discover their arts and find their way into the artistic world.

A snack will be offered to you, dear readers, in search of adventure in your culinary journey to Tunis by the Comptoir de Tunis.


Copyright : Le Comptoir de Tunis

This snack was also offered to you in the new trendy bar in Tunis, O’Bario , and in the Music hall torch-gold restaurant-lounge. These two adresses are in fact directly attached to the Comptoir de Tunis.

This snack is also offered to you in the new trendy bar in Tunis, O’Bario, and in the Pomodoro restaurant-lounge located in the northern suburbs of Tunis, Gammarth. These two addresses are in fact directly attached to Le Comptoir de Tunis. You will be in good care !


Le comptoir de Tunis

Address: Rue de Syria, Tunis 1002, Tunisia 1002 Tunis, Tunisia
Phone number: (+216) 58 463 636
Facebook page :

O’bario bar Γ  tapas :

Address: 4 rue de syrie 1002 Tunis, Tunisia
Phone number : (+216) 58 463 647
Facebook page :

Le Music Hall “Flambeau d’or”
Adresse : 8 rue de syrie 1002 Tunis, Tunisie
Phone number : (+216) 50 502 740
Facebook page:


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