Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands…! No, that’s La Haye… Amsterdam, capital of Europe…! No, that’s Brussels…Amsterdam, capital of chic, freedom, savoir vivre and joy… That’s yes ! And not only because of its famous windows and « funny cigarettes », but also to an exceptional living environment, a unique architecture, and a varied gastronomy.

This symbol of Europe dazzles as much as it rout, so it’s up to you to see if you would make a good « Amstellodamois ».


-> If you come by car you should know that the car parks in the center cost a real fortune, about 30€/days. It is also important to know that driving in the city is a real problem, the city trying to limit them.

Our advice is to park in the north of the city, in the Noord district, near the NDSM ferry station. Here the parking will only cost you about ten euros by day, and the ferry to reach Centraal Station quickly is free and available from 5:30 am to midnight.

Unique this floating city is already it by its canals and bridges, nearly 1500 bridges that cross and connect the 90 islands that make up the city. This makes it distinguishable from any other major city in Europe and the world. Both classic and modern, wise and bold, conservative and innovative, the cultural capital of the Netherlands has something to surprise and marvel.

The best way to discover Amsterdam is by bike! But if you are not a king of two wheels the transport pass will cost you €8/day and the luck is that Amsterdam has one of the best public transport network in Europe, tram, bus and metro will never be far from where you will be.

Otherwise you still have the walk. Amsterdam is still a relatively small city, so it’s easy to reach its neighborhoods on foot and enjoy its many canals and the tranquility of its streets and squares. Be careful to not lose yourself because for a not Amstellodamois many streets and canals seem to look alike.

Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city, with many districts that each have their own identity, so there is something for everyone.

One of the obligatory passages for any visitor is the famous Centraal Station, the central station of Amsterdam, which seems to dominate the city both by its impressive size and by its geographical location. From here you can reach any area of the city as almost all transport lines leave from Centraal Station.

The best is probably to start your initiation in the city from this station by crossing the boulevards Damrak and Rokin, major central arteries of the city, with its many shops, ideal for a sale shopping. These two main axes are intersected by the Royal Palace square dating from the seventeenth century. Take the time to linger for a few minutes to feel the pulse of the city.

Luckily, the Rokin Boulevard ends at the junction of the Bloemenmarkt, Amsterdam’s famous flower market, a must for anyone who wants to visit the city. From there everything is easily accessible to you by foot, it is up to you to choose which direction to take according to your desires.

You probably looking for a little something to eat ? Say no more and go to the city’s largest market, Albert Cuyp Markt, to eat a cone of large homemade fries accompanied by thirty sauces. You can also visit one of the many sandwich stands, the specialty the Broodje Haring, a sandwich with fresh herring, onions and pickles, an institution in the city. And for dessert the must-have and tasty Stroopwafle, a thin crispy waffle stuffed with caramel syrup.

But beware Amsterdam is not just a gastronomy of fish, and fries. The colonial and culinary heritage has also brought many exotic dishes, especially from Indonesia. The Rijsttafel (rice table) native to the island of Java is composed of rice as well as other side dishes of meat, fish and vegetables to be mixed together. To taste without hesitation and without moderation to the many Indonesian restaurants that abound the city.

To stroll in the early afternoon, the museum district at the foot of the impressive Rijksmuseum is perfect. A large park to rest in the sun with friends or family and nearly a dozen museums are at your disposal to learn a little more about Flemish art in particular.

Otherwise the Vondelpark, true green lungs in the heart of the city, is a good alternative for a digestive walk or a simple bike ride.

And for a drink will you ask me ? So there is no other choice to try the famous brown coffees, bars that have gables on the street and whose dark and brown color comes from several centuries of tobacco smoke today banned. These are traditional cafes, dating back to the 17th century, where locals like to relax and gather around a good beer after their working day.

For the best addresses you will have to go to the Jordaan area, the area that counts a majority of these traditional bars.

For the end of the evening finally two solutions are available to you.

First, the Noctambule district located at the level of Rembrandtplein square. Here many bars and street-food stalls, a little less traditional, will offer themselves to you, there are so many that we do not know what to choose. This neighborhood remains lively and animate until late at night, so late diapers will not be disappointed. 

Otherwise direction to the RedLight District, one of the most famous of the city. Certainly its reputation precedes it, a neighborhood of debauchery, illuminated windows with red neon lights everywhere. But this neighborhood is not only that. The oldest part of the city is also the one that might surprise you the most. Very pleasant to visit during the day it takes a completely different face at night. It is a very lively area where curious tourists flock, but also the Amstellodamois who seek to finish the night with a last drink with their friends. Probably the liveliest and warmest experience of your stay.

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You will have understood Amsterdam is a nugget that deserves to be discovered. There are many simple activities that will make you enjoy the unique atmosphere of the city.

Enjoy delicious street food at the many stalls in the city centre.

Enjoy the greenery of the parks, numerous enough, to bask in the sun.

Enjoy a drink on the many lively terraces of Jordaan.

Simply walk along the canals to appreciate the atmosphere and architecture of the city. Or enjoy the closer with a boat ride in spring and summer to relax and admire.